Having Great Furniture and Kids, is it Possible?
     A great part of having home is being able to share it with your family. So what happens when your and your kids don't "share" the same idea on how to treat your beautiful furniture and interior design. Veteran parents may sigh and resign themselves to furniture full of scuffs, dings and scattered pen marks. Nevertheless, acquiring the ideal quality home furnishings that fit parents' and children's needs is completely possible, with a few minor compromises.

     The most obvious of those compromises is that steps will have to be put in place to take care of fragile furniture. Stain guard can be applied to some furniture fabrics. Slip covers can be used when not entertaining guests. Leather furniture on the other hand, like our American Made Mission Style Quarter Sawn Oak Leather Sofa Collection will take a little more care and strategy.

     Soft leathers, fragile unfinished woods, and delicate upholstery and accents will become more of a liability than a source of enjoyment around kids because of their propensity for "accidents." Consider designating one room as the formal living room or sitting room. The notion of a sitting room may seem a little old fashioned in these days of open room housing layouts, but it will save your sanity if you want to keep some sense of style and order. 

     Perhaps keeping a separate, formal room isn't possible. Another option would be to keep your fine furniture limited to another room that isn't accessed as often. Maybe you decide to keep your bedroom as your sanctuary of style and comfort. Purchase a great bedroom set and superior bedding and create a bedroom that is an oasis in the midst of family sensible furniture. Or maybe your home office can be your refuge. 

     While certain compromises will have to be undertaken, having great furniture with kids is entirely possible without resorting to velvet ropes or glass display cases. Best of all, by following the above advice you and your family will be able to enjoy living and stop panicking every time a juice box is split or an easy chair is knocked over.