Caring for Your Leather Furniture
     No matter what the style, color, or finish all leathers have a common factor: perishability. While different finishes and manufacturing techniques will affect the longevity of leather furniture, following these general maintenance routines will help in prolonging your furniture’s life and usability. Here are a few basic guidelines:

     The highest quality leathers are full grain and top grain leathers; both of these are usually given a clear or very light dye to highlight their natural properties. Over time these leathers will darken as they wear, this is known as patina and is quite desirable. Check out our Georgian 100 Percent Top Grain Leather Caramel Living Room Sofa for top of the line comfort.

     Maintenance is tricky with these leathers because of the delicate balance between dryness and humidity. Too much dryness will toughen and crack these leathers. Too much humidity will promote rot, discoloration, and even mold. For proper conditioning choose the appropriate oil that promotes the ideal balance of dryness and humidity in addition to protecting and enhancing the furniture’s original finish. Some great conditioning oils include saddle soap, neatsfoot oil, and mink oil, among many other vegetable, animal, and synthetic tanning agents. Using the right product can make a big difference in the lifespan of a quality piece of furnishing.

     Other types of leather finishes include patent, bicast and bonded. These finishes are easier to maintain. Patent leather uses plastic to achieve a glossy finish that can be cleaned with a streak free cloth and glass cleaner to restore shine. Bicast leather emulates a natural grain finish. Since gloss isn't an issue with this type of leather, a simple damp cloth will suffice for most cleaning jobs. Bonded leather is the easiest to clean so long as you don’t use harsh solvents that could destroy the finish.

     Remember to test these techniques out in an inconspicuous area before trying them out. As with all leathers it’s best to consult with a professional to make sure you are providing the proper care and using the right conditioning or cleaning agents.

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