Decorating Tips for a Boy’s Room
Decorating Tips for a Boy’s Room
     When your son is born decorating his room is easy. It’s whatever you want it to be, infused with your hopes and aspirations for your child as he grows. But soon teddy bears give way to what he likes. And you’ll need to redecorate to keep your son surrounded by all the things that inspire him and bring him joy.

     For younger boys the easiest way to start decorating is to choose a theme. You can base it around a favorite cartoon or make it a more general theme like cars, bugs or animals. Try incorporating that theme into bed sheets, wall décor, paint and even accessories like lamps and pillows. At this stage of the game your son will likely be happy just being surrounded by what he likes whether it’s airplanes, trains, or ships, and won’t have much of an opinion on the specifics.

     As your son grows he’ll likely want to have more say in what his room looks like and may surprise you with some specific requests. Older boys may not care about having a theme as much as a style. If your child is into sports you can use the colors of his favorite team rather than going with a sports theme, and let him add his own unique touches.

     Our Solid New Zealand Pine Twin Captain’s Spindle bed with under the bed storage drawers is the perfect addition to an active boy’s room. With an amber finish that fits most any décor, this youth bedroom set is built of solid and sturdy New Zealand pine that will easily transition from child to teen. It also offers plenty of storage for all that “stuff” boys collect.

     For even more space saving and room for two try our Solid New Zealand Pine Computer Storage Loft Bed with Trundle Bed. The bedroom set has got it all and it’s all wrapped up in a convenient space-saving package. An area below the top twin bunk provides the perfect study area with room for a computer, books and supplies. A side storage cabinet allows your child to store those messes up and off the floor. A twin trundle bed opens up for a sibling or a friend and slips beneath and out of sight when not in use for even more floor space.

     Tastes may change the look of their walls and accessories but as your son grows, a solid bedroom set can be something that evolves with his style.