Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Home
Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Home
     The search for your new dining room table should begin even before you leave the house. Ideally you should consider how your dining room table will function in relation to the boundaries put upon it by the size of the room. In other words, will that grand, eight chair dining room table fit in your dining room? 

     Ask yourself the following questions before even leaving the house with the intention to purchase a dining table: How many people will be using the table regularly? How often will I have guests? Be honest, we all have thoughts of those perfectly elegant dinner parties we plan to have, but will those plans be reality? And don't forget size of the room. Ask yourself: What are the dimensions of my dining area? Keping in mind that people will need to stand up and move around from time to time.

     Once the usage details are determined and the size of the room is established figure out the best shape for the space you have available. Round and square shapes tend to be used in smaller six-seater tables like our 7 piece Romantic Simplicity Counter Height Dining Room, while oval and rectangular shapes tend to be preferred for larger tables with a higher capacity as in our Formal French Dining Room Collection. Furthermore, oval and rectangular tables may or may not have removable paneling in their midsections that allow for temporary expansion and accommodation for more guests. 

     Once you've gathered your information, determine which style best accommodates your needs. Style will often determine material, with older more traditional styles using darker, heavier woods like our Venice Double Pedestal Formal Dining Room Set, and contemporary or modern designs using steel, glass, plastics, or composites, in addition to a variety of woods and finishes.

     Finally, since the dining room table is likely to be the centerpiece of the area, make sure you integrate its style into the overarching theme of the room or house. Remember, nothing is more disorienting in terms of design than a mismatched focal point. 

     A dining room table is an essential part of a proper home. More than any other place in the house, a dining table provides a nexus for the family to communicate with each other and share the events of their day over a meal. However, a poorly chosen dining table can make having that daily family intimacy impossible. Take time to plan your dining room table purchase to assure the best in both family gatherings as well as those evenings spent entertaining.